Grounded 4,074-TEU CSCL Jupiter refloated on Scheldt near Antwerp

24th August 2017

THE Port on Antwerp has been re-opened to large ships after the 14,074-TEU CSCL Jupiter was re-floated on the high tide on the Dutch banks of the River Scheldt.

More than a dozen tugs were involved in the re-floating operation. There has been no damage reported to the Cosco-owned vessel, which was on its way to Hamburg when the grounding occurred, reported Oslo's Tradewinds.

The fully-laden vessel, with a pilot on board, failed to make a turn in the river when steaming at 14 knots, and became stuck on a sandbank near Bath in the Netherlands.

In a huge salvage operation mounted by the port and local authorities, 16 tugs were reportedly deployed to pull the ULCV off at high tide, around 9pm last night, London's Loadstar reported.

Salvors were concerned that if they failed, the ship would sink deeper into the sand and would need to be lightened to enable it to be re-floated.

Fortunately, the combined power of the tugs was enough to pull the ship back into the water, with no damage reported.

But traffic to and from north Europe's second-biggest container port, after Rotterdam, was suspended, which compounded the quay and landside congestion Antwerp has suffered of late as it copes with alliance networks and the impact of more mega ships.


UK bound containers update : UK bound containers will be discharged at Rotterdam and be transhipped across to the UK.  UK cargo will be moved to either of two vessels: