Two near accidents missed by hair's breadth in Hamburg

6th September 2017

ONE of the world's biggest ships, the 21,170-TEU MOL Tribute, had to drop anchor suddenly to avoid hitting another vessel in Hamburg while docking at HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB) recently, according to Bild-Zeitung newspaper.

The giant ship's movements were under tug's control, and the MOL Tribute was safely berthed without incident, reported Kiev's Maritime Bulletin. 

It happened on arrival, on September 1 while the Marshall Islands-flagged ship was on her maiden voyage.

Also, another near miss took place in the Elbe when 18,300-TEU Mette Maersk was at Hamburg last week, reported the Hansa International Maritime Journal.

The speed boat didn't react to alert calls on a radio, so Maersk ship had too manoeuvre in the narrows of the Elbe, said to be a dangerous undertaking.

Harbour police later detained the boat, allegedly findings its master intoxicated.