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Further to our previous announcements, we have continued to monitor the situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus.

As we all know, this continues to have a wide impact across the World, with many Conferences and events being cancelled due to health and safety concerns. Travel restrictions have been put into place by several of our members and these are ‘open ended’ in that no-one can predict when this virus will be contained and resolved.

We can also report that Cargo Services have unfortunately postponed their Annual Dinner celebration for a second time, moving this from 29th April to 6th July 2020.

Our original plan has always been to tie our FECL Conference with the Annual Dinner, and we have duly considered this. However, in line with current travel restrictions, we cannot make a commitment to re-schedule our Conference at this time. Furthermore, July sees the start of holidays across Europe and we will also be working peak season volumes.

In view of this, we have taken the decision to postpone our Far Eastern Conference for this year, and we will look to arrange this for Chinese New Year 2021 (somewhere around 12th February 2021, being the first day of the lunar New Year).

We very much regret having to cancel this event but the decision has been agreed upon in majority, and has been taken out of concern for the safety and the wellbeing of all of our staff and members, which remains paramount. Should you have any questions concerning this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Further updates will follow during the year.


Keith Traylor and Nick Toye


Far Eastern Conference January/February 2020 - Hong Kong
Far Eastern Conference January/February 2020 - Hong Kong

Our next biennial Far Eastern Conference is again on the horizon.

We will once again stage the conference at our favoured venue, the Harbour Grand Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong.  The conference will be held over 31st January 2020 through 4th February 2020.

The Conference is attended by representatives of all FECL Network members, both European and Far Eastern/South East Asia regions.

The three-day conference provides delegates with the opportunity to meet other partners and to hold 'one-to-one' meetings to discuss key topics, operational issues and the ongoing development of marketing opportunites and strategies.  It provides the chance to meet all overseas partners in one central location and at one time, negating the need for expensive overseas trips, and enabling the cohesive advancement of our Network.

We are currently gathering attendence confirmations from all members.  Should you require any further details, please contact Sue Evans at sue.evans@fecl.co.uk .

Keith Traylor 27th September 2019